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  • Evenly spaced and equally spaced sets.

    Evenly spaced and equally spaced sets.

    Evenly and equally spaced sets are the nontrivial topics of GRE and GMAT. Each test aspirants baffle at least once while encountering sets; even and equal spaced sets. There is a fundamental difference between an evenly spaced and an equally spaced set. Leave no room for confusion on exam day and read this article thoroughly.

  • Five Topics to Score 165+ on GRE Quantitative Section

    Five Topics to Score 165+ on GRE Quantitative Section

    The GRE is a standardized test taken for admissions to graduate schools. The quantitative section of the test is becoming ever challenging, and many students feel it’s impossible to score 160 plus out of a total of 170. To help you prepare for the GRE, Tricky tests prep advises you to expert five main topics to score 165 plus on the actual GRE.

  • GRE Vocabulary-Learning root words

    GRE Vocabulary-Learning root words

    Preparing for the verbal part of standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT, and SAT starts with deciphering intricated words. Most of the students begin memorizing words randomly from different sources and, in the end, lacks proper understanding of the word. Learning a dozen of words is an arduous task. However, learning root words, prefixes and suffixes will help you have an educated guess on the actual exam. Even when you see a word for the first time in life, you can understand the meaning by using some combinations of the root words, prefixes and suffixes. 45 important words for GRE vocabulary. Unlock the power of root words and boost your vocabulary with the help of tricky tests words list.