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Your Mentor 1

Your Mentor

Perfect GRE Score and 750 in GMAT

I am a perfect GRE Scorer with 334 (Q170, V 164) most recent score. I Love to teach GRE quant in a fun way and reading comprehension; the main topics of the GRE test.
My GMAT current score is 750(Q51, V40). My area of expertise on GMAT is data sufficiency and Sentence correction.
I am here to help you with my expertise in both the GMAT and GRE tests. I have been studying for these tests for over 4 years now and know exactly what it takes to achieve a perfect score. You can trust me because I have already achieved this myself. If you are struggling, then let me guide you through this process so that your hard work is not wasted.

Our Values 2

Our Values

Making GRE & GMAT Preparation Easier for Test Takers

We at Tricky tests prep aim to provide you a step by step guidance for your entire GRE and GMAT preparation using a smart study approach that improves your scores two times (2x) faster than any other traditional method. My teaching style is very hands-on which means that each student has access to an unlimited number of questions as well as personalized feedback after every practice session.

Our System 3

Our System

Study easily and anywhere

You’re not alone in this expedition. We know how hard it is to find the right study plan and group of people who are dedicated to helping you succeed. That’s why we created our online platform, so students can get access to everything they need to be successful on their tests. Our program is designed so that anyone can succeed in getting desired score in test with flying colours.

Course Outcomes

So many to achieve in shorter span of time!


Improved skills to solve devilish GRE & GMAT questions in less than 30 seconds.


Prepare yourself in an environment to keep your nerves calm even at a situation in which 99 percent of test takers lose them.


Revamp your knowledge and skills with each lesson by following a dedicated study plan.


Candid and timely evaluation in quizzes and assignment to direct you on track.

time management

From first day, master each and every aspect of the test and easily manage time by reaching the level where one knows before taking the exam itself what exactly is to be expected.

Brilliant Mind

Improve your aptitude with our test preparation content that is engaging and relevant in fun way. keeping the nerves calm matters on test day.